• After purchasing the first Duarran Brangus bulls in 2000 and using them over our Brahman based herd at Kangaroo Hills, the influence has been tremendous. The bulls and their offspring handle the conditions well, and the carcase weights of the steers have improved by an average of 20kgs. They have reached earlier maturity, resulting in better grading and temperament. Females also have better temperament, fertility and maternal instincts. Dino Penna,
  • Congratulations to the Galloway Family on reaching a milestone of breeding Hereford cattle for 80years. The ability of the Galloway’s through the generations to breed top quality cattle and to meet the beef industry demands is a credit to them. The now principles Ian and Anne should be very proud. Their cattle survive, thrive and produce meat and muscle.

    As co-principal of Amos-Vale Hereford Stud I give great credit to Cootharaba bloodlines that have continually and greatly enhanced the success of our stud. The cattle are easy doing, display great colour, head and eye and structural correctness. Cootharaba sires breed on and importantly breed to a type for us. The females milk and rear a marketable calf whatever the conditions are. Amos-Vale has continually sourced top sires from the Galloway’s since 1978. Our purchases on numerous occasions have included top selling sires up to $27,000 which includes 2004  nation’s top selling Hereford Bull. By using sires from the Galloway’s for nearly 30 years at Amos-Vale we are able to breed great cattle that provide for our clients – a manageable, efficient, profitable bull.

    Congratulations and thanks. Mark Campion,