Cootharaba Hereford History

Cootharaba Herefords began in 1926, established by John James Galloway, the great grandfather of the current owner Ian Galloway. JJ Galloway, a timber cutter and Blacksmith of note, had been running Herefords at Lake Cootharaba since 1901. At the age of 46 he married , by the time he was 52, he had started the stud, and had four children. Twelve foundation females were selected from Cressbrook, including the Pauline Ladybird, Dewdrop, Nellie and Rosa Dora families. The first sire was Cressbrook Ensign, with Tocal Sportsman & Golf Hill Victory, along with more breeders from Cressbrook, Abbey Green, Tocal, Ennisview, Lyndley and Golf Hill

The type and quality of the resultant cattle so impressed JJ Galloway, that he decided to exhibit at the Brisbane Royal Show. This meant the COOTHARABA team had to walk 15 miles to the rail head at Pomona. In 1931, luxury travel was provided, in a bullock wagon drawn by 26 bullocks, which delivered the team to Pomona rail head

John James Galloway died in 1949, when Ian's father and mother, Allen & Ruby, took over the herefords, while Allen's brothers launched their own studs, based on the Cootharaba females, It was in 1953 that the family moved to the Monto district, where Cootharaba Herefords prospered and stayed until the early eighties.

April Fools Day 1980 was a significant milestone, as the next expansion of the family. It was the first step taken by the next generation of Cootharaba stud masters. Ian & Anne took delivery of Duarran, 10kms south of Roma, and moved many of the breeders to the Maranoa. This move was to be out of the tick area, to lessen the labour and costs of such a parasite.

The move south proved to be a great step. The cattle blossomed under the western conditions, and the stud entered a new era. The commercial acceptance of these big red eyed cattle from the north was evident in the very successful bull sales that have taken place

The Cootharaba Stud was registered in 1927, making it the oldest stud in Australia still owned by the original family.

The Galloway family has been showing Cootharaba Herefords at the Brisbane Show for over 85 years, with a great degree of success. Testimony to this, we have had the GRAND CHAMPION HEREFORD BULL for the last 3 years with Cootharaba Meteor in 2006, Cootharaba Magnum in 2007 and Cootharaba Middleton in 2008. In 2009 Cootharaba Pauline B144 was Grand Champion hereford cow.

Cootharaba Magnum was sold at the 2007 Cootharaba Sale for $42,000 to Marwarra and Glenden Park Studs, where he has done an amazing job. His progeny have blitzed the National Show and Sale taking out many broard ribbons, and selling to $70,000.

In 2016 only one Hereford was entered by us for the Brisbane Show  - Cootharaba Vaucluse, a 31 month old grandson of Cootharaba Magnum. Weighing 1054 kgs with an eye muscle area of 129sq cms, he came up trumps, winning Senior Champion Hereford Bull before taking out the Grand Champion Bull ribbon.    Vaucluse was then sold to Glenlyon Partnership for $30,000.

The Poll Herefords from our Loma Langi herd have been assimilated in to the Cootharaba herd, and along with the purchase of some Poll Hereford bulls, we now have both polled and horned Cootharaba genetics.


It is quite a milestone that Cootharaba is celebrating 90 years since registration of the stud and is still being run by the Galloway family, Ian being the third generation to do so . He has been at the helm for 38 years and still going strong.

  • Senior-gallowaysIan's parents Allen and Ruby Galloway and Allen's parents Margaret and John James Galloway at the Ekka many years ago.

Loma Langi Poll Hereford History

Loma Langi Poll Herefords was founded in 1979, with the purchase of the Baraba Poll herd from Mrs Bev Rea (Galloway). Anne Galloway, the principal of the Loma Langi stud has had tremendous success with her Poll Herefords and has had a significant impact on the breed in Southern QLD

The foundation sire, Inverary Huon by Nithdale Allenby, put a good base in the female herd, while his sons topped the market at the Roma bull sales.

Some of the highlights for the stud have been the sales of Loma Langi Hunter for $15,000, LL Genoa for $20,000, LL Top Notch for $11,000 and many others.

Influential sires that have been introduced lately are Merawah Texas, Yalgoo Evolution, Llandillo Sprung, and Emu Holes Eclipse. Eclipse was Reserve Senior Champion at Sydney show in 2003, first prize winner in 2004 and purchased for $20,000 at the Sydney show sales. New sires continue to be purchased and in 2008 Wallan Creek Survivor was added to the herd, and in 2009 half shares in Keswick Sundance Z233 and Keswick Edson A242 were added.

The Loma Langi Bulls are well sought after throughout the Maranoa for their growth, length, red eyes and carcase merit.

In 2004 one of our steers won the 'Taste Test' at the Brisbane Ekka, competing against all breeds.

With the passing of time and the amalgamation of the Hereford and Poll Hereford societies, Loma Langi has merged with Cootharaba, and the pollies are now sold under the COOTHARABA banner.