Brangus History

The Duarran  Brangus stud was formed in the early nineties, when we moved the Duarran Brahman Stud into the Brangus breeding program. Our Brahman herd was based on Lancefield, Tartrus, Garglen and Alma bloodlines and combined with the Red Angus genetics.

Our first outing to the Rockhampton all Breeds Sale was in 1993, when we successfully offered and sold 4 red Brangus bulls.

Our first Red Angus/Brangus Sale on property at Duarran, Roma, was September 1997 where we offered 72 lots – many  years later the sale is well established on the bull selling calendar.

The Brangus Cow herd encompasses 600 Red Cows and 120 Black Breeders and are mainly run on our Mitchell properties. This western country is a great test for their constitution and survival qualities as they have experienced drought for the 6 years prior to 08. Our Brangus Cows have stood that test and have developed into very productive females producing a calf every year.

The Duarran Bulls are noted for their length and thickness and this bears out when they are scanned with excellent scans of 125 - 135sq/cm of eye muscle area.

Duarran Sires are being successfully used in many stud & commercial herds in areas including Qld, NSW, the Northern Territory and Western Australia.

At Beef 2006 a home bred bull Duarran Yalebone- sired by a home bred bull Duarran Fantastic, won Grand Champion Brangus bull and was later sold to the Hicks family for their Billabong Droughtmaster herd for an Australian record price of $45,000

At Beef 2009 another home bred bull Duarran Bambrick, by DuarranZeuss, won Senior & Grand Champion. An exceptionally long, well muscled bull, Bambrick was retained in the herd. One of his sons, Duarran Gisborne was Senior & Grand Champion at Brisbane Show 2013. That same year Duarran Horatio by Duarran Zorro, won Reserve Junior bull and is now producing beautiful calves at home.

In 2009 the Galloways invited four leading Red Brangus Studs to join them in a sale at Gracemere, to help promote this emerging and wonderful breed. The five foundation studs were Duarran, Redline, Tannyfoil, Duff and Hanavale – all of whom have used Duarran blood. Hence the CLASSIC RED BRANGUS SALE was born.

Much emphasis is placed on SIRE POWER so we continually  purchase new bloodlines. Successful sires have included genetics from Doonside – red and black, Bonox & Charlevue – black, Tannyfoil,  Duff, Jateebee, Redline and Chadwick Downs.

2012 saw a strong pair of red bulls on the show circuit along with a handy black bull. Duarran Edgerton by Duarran Zeuss and Duarran Flinders by Duarran Beresford did us proud. Edgerton won Grand champion at the strong pre Beef 12/World Brangus Congress Wandoan Feature Show, followed closely by Flinders. Black bull Duarran Frankston by Doonside Spin Doctor also winning his classes, and later selling for $15,000 to Don & Kay Gordon..

Edgewater went on to take out the Grand Champion in Brisbane 2012. He sold at the Duarran sale to Duff Brangus for $16,000, and has gone on to produce many prizewinners, including Senior and Grand Champion Brangus cow for the Duff family at Brisbane in 2015

Brisbane Show 2014 was a most successful year for Duarran. Duarran Haystack by Doonside Summer Wages was impressive as a young bull and won Junior and Grand Champion Brangus, later selling for $22,000 to SEMEX Alliance. His semen is exporting to the US, Argentina, Brazil and South Africa. After SEMEX finished collecting, they sold the bull and Haystack now is in use at Jateebee Brangus at Theodore in Qld. 

Another Summer Wages son, Duarran Havelock won Senior and Grand Champion and is now a sire at Duarran ( after taking out Senior and Grand Champion Brangus Bull at Beef 15 in Rockhampton.) Reserve Senior bull was Duarran Genoa by Duarran Bicheno, a long bull with great carcase merit. He is in use at Duarran and has already produced a broad ribbon winner himself. Duarran Laredo was Junior Champion bull in Brisbane 2016.

Another notable sire at Duarran is Duarran Jarman by Doonside Spin Doctor. After winning Reserve Senior Champion in Brisbane in 2015/16, he is now producing impressive calves at home. He still looks a picture and has a beautiful mob of heifers to preside over in 2017.

We continue to participate in the 100 day and 70 day feedlot trials run by the RNA at Grassdale Feedlot each year, and are proven up in the top end of the beef industry.  Over the past 16 years our steers have been placed 1st to 6th in the weight gain competition and won the taste test in 2008. Steers have gained up to 3.2kg /day for 100 days in these trials, including 2017.

This year, 2017, will be our 20th DUARRAN Brangus Sale held on property at Duarran, where we have 50 Red Brangus Bulls and 25 Red Brangus heifers on offer

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