Bonsmara History  - 2000 to 2016

(At the end of 2016 our Bonsmara herd was sold so we can now concentrate more on the Brangus and Hereford Herds)

After a trip to South Africa in 2000 where we saw many breeds of cattle, we made a decision to import some Bonsmara genetics. The appeal of these cattle is due to their environment suitability, Bos Taurus Genetics, their growth, muscling and meat quality.

The first of these embryos were born November/December 2005 and our ET program is ongoing. The genetics we sourced are form the leading Bonsmara breeders in S. Africa and the type selected were cattle that had extra growth and productivity. The main sire selected was Redgate RGR 97-55 (pictured)

The program has progressed slowly due to the recurring dry periods, but we continue to persevere.

At the end of 2016 we sold the Bonsmara herd to a progressive breeder and we wish them well with the cattle.

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